Meet The Founders

Rishabh Tiwari

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Fun and intense at the same time. Rishabh is the CEO of our organisation with a record of making things happen in the most critical moments, when others might have just given up. He has a history of creating behavioural transformation programs across various parts of India, ranging from programs with school going kids, with sex workers to a group of people in naxal affected zone. Apart from whatever he does, he is a musician at heart

Neha Kesarwani

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Chairperson of BRIC, Neha sets real example of resilience in the team. She is has her things clear,  'say what you do and do what you say'. She envisions an inclusive society through BRIC.
. Creating solutions to the urgent problems and needs of the society through Entrepreneurship is something she is in love with.  She has a successful past in bulding her first USA based enterprise,  Vertoe, a techstars company and now BRIC is her next baby. Talking about baby,  she can simply bring out the child in everyone's heart,

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