Pathshala aLIVE!

Soledad Herrero, Unicef’s chief of child protection in India.

“We need to make sure that children are kept in schools and use proactive approaches to get them back to school, particularly in the aftermath of the lockdown when schools were shut. Social protection and cash transfer programmes for families that have been affected the most is essential to help them provide for the basic needs of their families,”

Why Pathshala aLIVE!



When we asked ourselves and others, what is the biggest problem right now (of-course other than lack of medical assistance or food), the answer was anxiety - The fear of an uncertain future. We as a non-profit cannot give jobs to everyone to secure everyone’s future but we can definitely do something to ensure that our childrens’ future is secure and  empowered with tools to learn ways to adapt to a post covid world. 

Children are the worst impacted in any form of disaster, Covid-19 will be no different. While children who belong to well-to- do families might not face the brunt of this newly born problem, many kids in the remote parts of India have already lost out on their education due to inability to pay fee and/or lack of technology to access online classes. Lack of education and schooling due to the pandemic will create unprecedented problems for the entire generation especially for girls in India as we will witness illiteracy, poverty and a lot more. We are already seeing its effect; kids are being exposed to home violence more(In the first seven days of the shutdown, Childline India Foundation's number - 1098 (ten-nine-eight) - received about 300,000 calls as against a weekly average of 200,000.), they are struggling with basic awareness of health and hygiene, they are already being pushed to moderate to extreme nature of child labour as also alarmed by UN, International Labour Organisation and UNICEF in it’s report titled, Covid 19 and Child Labour. These kids deserve their classroom. They deserve learning, just like all other kids. If we ensure their education now, India will recover itself- financially, socially, emotionally at a much faster rate than expected. 

It’s time for our community to get together and reach out to these beautiful souls and guard them in this Pandemic. Let us provide these children with their classroom back.

PATHSHALA aLIVE! is a dream school by BRIC for all such kids, teachers and families affected due to Covid-19. The project is not just about providing online classes but diving deep into 

the following areas.

  • Providing technology for online education  to kids in rural and slum parts of India.

  • Training and empowering teachers for online ways of teaching through techniques of theatre, arts and other scientific tools for an engaging, happy and empathetic classroom with a special focus on imparting various life skills and livelihood skills (e.g., Entrepreneurship) to students.

  • Covid related medical awareness for students and their community

  • Social sensitization and awareness in times of covid to create a support system within the community, for example - ensuring community harmony, creating financial support, ensuring food supplies to kids and other govt facilities; maintaining menstrual hygiene etc. 

  • Mental health support/training for teachers and students.


We  plan to do this in 4 phases.






Cost per Student(INR)


Total amount to be fundraised(INR)

(Includes 5% fundraising cost)





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