BRIC started as an initiative called 'Hug with Warmth by the  students of University of Delhi, JNU and Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan to rescue people on streets from deadly winters and from other natural and man made disasters, in India . Hug with Warmth gathered a  volunteer base across India, creating a bridge to sensitize Youth while attending to the emergency on streets. Experiencing community first hand across streets,villages and big cities, the founders of Initiatives later started developing various training programs to enable empowerment and various skills especially with Youth, Kids, rape Victims and Sex workers.

BRIC  has evolved out of a consistent study and practice of 10 years by our founders on field. 

A social initiative, ‘Behavioural Research and Innovation Center’ in India has a mission of providing tools and methods to recreate human behavior and move towards harmony and inclusiveness, for development through Theater in Education, art and other scientific tools. We truly believe that changing deeper behaviors, mindsets and understanding the importance of building emotional quotient will help us evolve as species.

COVID 19 has provided us an opportunity to look within and ask ourselves 'How did we get here and what can we do to survive?' It has provided us a chance to understand that ultimately it is the 'life skills' that we need as a bare minimum in order to come out of any situation gracefully. BRIC aims to provide such life skills and other tools to empower education and behavioral transformation to people and communities who want to survive, fight and become the best versions of themselves.

Currently we are actively working on Digi Paathshala to BRING BACK THE CLASSROOMS during COVID-19!

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